The exceptional staff of Hilly Hill provides compassionate nursing care and outstanding assisted living services, thus relieving stress and anxiety of families and residents of those in our retirement home community.

George Sr & Joan OhmanGEORGE, SR. & JOAN OHMAN

George and Joan Ohman were first introduced to the field of Long-Term Care in 1964 by friends from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The first phase of their new calling was the purchase of a ranch-style home that overlooked the beautiful East Branch Reservoir and Grandview Country Club in Middlefield, Ohio. After one year of full occupancy, and with limited potential for building expansion, they acquired the Fairmount Nursing Home in Newbury, which they renamed Holly Hill. It is located in a quiet rural setting on 11 acres on Fairmount Road in Geauga County.

Today, Holly Hill and its sister facilities, Briar Hill Healthcare Residence and Blossom Hill Care Center, are the culmination of George and Joan’s vision of the past 45 years. Guided by their love for God and their love for people, George and Joan remain committed to the highest level of resident care in the Holly Hill community.

George Jr & Kimberly OhmanGEORGE, JR. & KIMBERLY OHMAN

George H. Ohman, Jr., BA, MA, NHA, became the Administrator of Holly Hill in the summer of 2001. After serving over twenty years in the ministry as a pastor, George, along with his wife, Kim, and their children, moved to Ohio to pursue a new calling in Long-Term Care and to oversee Holly Hill. George says, “The desire of our family is to give the best physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual care to our residents. We believe that love is the quality that binds together heart, mind, and body. Our love for God and those He has created elevates our level of care higher than moral duty or legal obligation requires.”

Nancy Ohman MilnerNANCY OHMAN MILNER, Assistant Administrator

Nancy Ohman Milner, Assistant Administrator, has served at Holly Hill for almost 25 years. Her primary responsibilities are Billing, Receivables, and Marketing. Following in the footsteps of her parents, George and Joan Ohman, Nancy has a desire to foster a strong rapport with residents, their families, and the community. Nancy says, “Having grown up in the nursing home business, I continue to see the great need to care for the elderly. Although my role is indirectly related to patient care, I am deeply passionate in continuing my parents’ mission in providing a warm and caring home for the elderly. It is a privilege to be a part of Holly Hill and to serve our residents.”

Amy Ohman GrubbsAMY OHMAN GRUBBS, Director of Human Resources

Amy Ohman Grubbs serves as Director of Human Resources. Having worked in various departments at Holly Hill for over twenty years, Amy now manages information for more than 100 employees, keeping it current, accurate, and confidential. While Amy’s official responsibilities are in the area of Human Resources, she also spends time caring for residents and staff. Like her parents, George and Joan Ohman, Amy sees her role as a way to care for and honor people.

Cindy O'NeillCINDY O'NEILL, Director of Admissions & Social Services

Cindy ONeill, B.S.W., has worked in Long Term Care as a Licensed Social Worker for almost 25 years. In the role of Director of Social Services, Cindy assists each of our Residents to meet their psychosocial needs. Cindy says, “Leaving home, even temporarily, can be a stressful and emotional time of one’s life. It is our greatest desire to serve our residents and their families by meeting their psychosocial needs on all levels—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. With the support of our entire interdisciplinary team, we commit ourselves to achieve this every day.”

As our Director of Admissions, she knows that every person comes to HOLLY HILL with hopes and dreams, desires and expectations, and a jumble of undefined emotions.  Through our Admission process, we recognize these as normal and legitimate, for we understand that change is never easy but we are convinced that it can be both positive and pleasant.  Cindy helps guide our new families as they sort out some of these early questions.

Jamie LinstraJAMIE LINSTRA Medicare Billing and Admissions

Jamie Linstra is probably the first person you will see when you come to the Holly Hill campus. Jamie serves in two distinct areas: Admissions and Medicare billing. Every person comes to Holly Hill with hopes and dreams, desires and expectations, and a jumble of undefined emotions. These are both normal and legitimate. Change is never easy, but it can be both positive and pleasant. Jamie helps guide new families as they ask questions and process information.

Ralph WielandRALPH WIELAND, M.D., Medical Director

Ralph Wieland, M.D., Medical Director, oversees and maintains the high medical standards of Holly Hill.

Holding degrees from Yale and The University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Wieland serves as a Clinical Professor Emeritus of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. He is one of the leading endocrinologists in Northeast Ohio. Diabetes is prevalent among the elderly, and Dr. Wieland's expertise as an endocrinologist is critical to the medical management of our patients’ care.

As Medical Director, Dr. Wieland maintains the highest standards of medical care for Holly Hill residents. He also supports, educates, and teams with other members of the Holly Hill staff to promote quality of care and integrity in working with residents and families.

Catherine DahlemCATHERINE DAHLEM, R.N., Director of Nursing

Catherine Dahlem, B.S.N., became Director of Nursing in the summer of 2003, bringing over 30 years of nursing experience from University Hospital. Catherine says, “I aim to teach the staff how to best assist our residents and their families to attain the highest quality of life in accordance with the resident’s age, desires, and health status. It is my goal to keep you well-informed and involved in the plan of care, as well as help you cope with end-of-life transitions.”

Maryann HoislbauerMARYANN HOISLBAUER, R.N., Care Plan Nurse

MaryAnn Hoislbauer, R.N., our Care Plan Nurse, has over 30 years of nursing experience in an acute-care hospital and in a long-term-care setting. MaryAnn initiates individual Care Plans for new admissions and keeps them up to date. Working closely with colleagues and attending physicians, MaryAnn assists in developing a plan of care that maintains each resident’s highest level of function thus enabling them to have the greatest quality of life. MaryAnn says, “I attempt to care for each resident as I would want my own family member to be cared for.”"

Nancy BatteigerNANCY BATTEIGER, L.P.N., M.D.S. Nurse

Nancy Batteiger, L.P.N., joined the Holly Hill team in 1994 as Minimum Data Set (MDS) Nurse, a federally mandated role in long-term care established to ensure the proper determination, scheduling, and completion of all MDSs (a resident profile, required by state and other providers, submitted electronically to the Department of Health). As a nurse for over 40 years, Nancy has become fluent with MDS. Nancy says, “While I work with healthcare data and numbers all day long, I find great fulfillment in providing information to my colleagues that assists them with each resident’s Care Plan. I also have the privilege of sharing this information with the families through scheduled Care Conferences, which allow me to participate in their journey at Holly Hill.”

Diane MoroskoDIANE MOROSKO, L.P.N., Director of Staff Development

Diane Morosko, L.P.N., is our Director of Staff Development. For almost 18 years, Holly Hill has offered a State Tested Nurse’s Aide (STNA) training program that is annually certified by the Ohio Department of Health. Diane has provided leadership for the program since its inception and also teaches the classes throughout the year. She not only instructs our prospective STNAs in their clinical skills, but also sets the standard high as it relates to offering a caring spirit, knowing that the strength of our care is in the gentleness of our caregivers. Diane also oversees our Infection Control Program. Diane says, “My mission is to provide education that enables our staff to deliver optimal care and improve the daily lives of our residents.”

Staci BurchSTACI BURCH, R.N., Restorative Program

Staci Burch, R.N., oversees Emily’s Post, the Holly Hill Assisted Living Facility that opened in 2004. Staci is a native of Geauga County and, in particular, Newbury. She has worked in Long-Term Care since 1984 in a variety of roles. Staci also oversees our Restorative Program. Staci says, “The ultimate goal for the Restorative Program and Assisted Living is to encourage residents to maintain their physical and cognitive functional levels. I am committed to enabling them to maintain the quality of life they deserve.”

Sherry DibaccoSHERRY DIBACCO, R.N., Nurse Supervisor

Sherry DiBacco, R.N., is our Nurse Supervisor. Sherry supervises and evaluates residents, resident care, and nursing personnel performance in accordance with standards set forth by state and federal agencies. Sherry began her nursing career a number of years ago as a nurse’s aide at Holly Hill.

Sean QuinnSEAN QUINN, Director of Nutritional Services

Mary Ann Sean Quinn, B.S.N., D.T.R., joined Holly Hill as the Director of Nutritional Services in the summer of 2002. For 27 years, Sean has been using her management skills in academic and long-term care settings. She oversees the dietary staff of Holly Hill and facilitates the delivery of tasty, attractive, and nutritious meals. Sean says, “Our services will be delivered with a can-do attitude and with pride in the wonderful reputation that Holly Hill has achieved over the years. The dignity of our residents is our foremost consideration.”

Connie OlesCONNIE OLES, Director of Activities

As the strength for physical activity decreases, the time available for mental activity increases.  Thoughts are an important part of life at HOLLY HILL.  We encourage healthy mental activity through engaging discussions, and new learning experiences.  Connie Oles, HOLLY HILL's Director of Activities, has served in Long Term Care for 12 years.  She desires to "assist others in finding fulfillment by honoring individuality, supporting success, providing positive programs and limiting the impact of limitations."

Ron DurkeeRON DURKEE, Director of Maintenance

Ron Durkee, a native of Newbury and Geauga County, has been on staff at Holly Hill for almost 25 years as the Director of Maintenance. Ron oversees more than 60,000 square feet of building space. His responsibilities range from fixing the smallest of concerns to providing guidance related to the infrastructure of our facility. Ron’s vast knowledge of Holly Hill and his caring spirit for the residents make him unique. Ron frequently stops what he is doing to assist a resident in whatever need they may have.